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After the Claim


Recovery Analysis

Your claim is winding down at last, but the insurance company still owes a lot of money to your business, professional practice, or group. At least you think it does. But how do you know? What if the insurance company disputes the amounts it should pay, or even worse begins to argue that it made payments that it should not have made? How do you prove the amount the insurer is obligated to pay?

Mr. Andrist has helped thousands of clients understand the benefits due under their policies, helped them understand whether they were getting the bargain for which they paid, and helped them prepare the analysis needed to persuade the insurers to pay the full benefits due. He can do the same for your business, professional practice or group.


Coverage Litigation

Insurance companies work hard to pay as little as possible – sometimes in violation of their contractual obligations. Negotiating with insurers sometimes achieves improved results. Other times there is no alternative to litigation.

Mr. Andrist has navigated the dark waters of insurance litigation for more than 27 years. He can help you decide whether the time has come for litigation and, when it is unavoidable, put together all of the resources needed to take your case forward.


Bad Faith Analysis

The sad truth is that insurance companies very often delay or deny coverage wrongfully and unreasonably. When they do, California law allows an Insured to sue its insurer for all damage caused by the insurer’s unreasonable delay or denial.  Applicable damages include (1) the contractual benefits that were unreasonably denied or delayed; (2) all consequential damages; (3) the legal fees and costs incurred by the Insured in the pursuit of the benefits that were unreasonably delayed or denied; (4) the Insured’s emotional distress damages; and in extreme cases (5) punitive damages.

Mr. Andrist has been assessing and pursuing “bad faith” insurance cases for over 27 years. He is ready and willing to help your business, professional practice, or group understand whether “bad faith” damages may be recoverable in your case.


Bad Faith Litigation

Mr. Andrist’s business model is perfectly suited to taking the legitimate “bad faith” case to court. Contact Mr. Andrist to discuss whether bad faith litigation against the insurer is likely to achieve the result your business, professional practice or group desires.


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