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Before the Claim


Insurance Education

Mr. Andrist can help equip your business, professional firm, or group with the knowledge and skills needed to deal more effectively with:

  • Risk Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Broker Selection
  • Policy Evaluation and Procurement
  • Claim Identification
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Claim Submission
  • Claim Advocacy
  • Recovery Analysis
  • Coverage Litigation
  • Bad Faith Analysis
  • Bad Faith Litigation


Risk Management

Mr. Andrist can help your business, professional firm, or group with:

  • Risk Identification & Analysis
  • Contractual Risk Transfer
  • Risk Control and Loss Prevention
  • Risk Financing, Including Insurance Planning & Procurement


Insurance Planning

Failing to identify and purchase effective insurance coverage can lead to otherwise avoidable loss or liability. Mr. Andrist can help you avoid such loss through more effective insurance planning.


Broker Selection

Insurance brokers are the vital link between the risks that threaten your business, professional firm, or group and the insurance products that can cover those risks. Unfortunately, not all brokers are qualified to give the insurance advice you need. Broker selection is not a task to be taken lightly.

Mr. Andrist can help you locate, evaluate, select, and retain a qualified broker who will work to protect your interests, not just sell you an insurance policy.


Policy Procurement

Mr. Andrist has compared the language of thousands of insurance policies. He can effectively study the alternatives presented to your business, professional firm, or group and help select better alternatives.

Contact Mr. Andrist to learn the many ways in which he can help your business, professional firm, or group now, before the claim strikes, and thus avoid the disaster that may come from buying insurance that “doesn’t work.”


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