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During the Claim


Claim Identification

A former customer makes a demand. Is it a claim? What should you do? The answers depend on the complex interplay among the facts, the allegations of the demand, and the language of your insurance policy or policies.

Mr. Andrist has been studying the complex interplay of those factors for more than 27 years. He is ready to help your business, professional firm, or group respond effectively to facts and circumstances that may constitute a claim or warrant the submission of your own claim.


Coverage Analysis

Insurance policies are virtually indecipherable to the average person. Without legal help, most Policyholders are at the mercy of the insurance company when the claim is made and the question of coverage takes on greater meaning.

Having studied insurance policy language, and having seen for more than 27 years how insurance companies and courts interpret policy language, Mr. Andrist can read and interpret insurance policies like few others. He will employ his expertise on behalf of your business, professional firm, or group to help ensure that your insurance companies respond properly to your claim.


Claim Submission

Your business, professional firm or group probably will not submit more than a few significant insurance claims in its lifetime. When a claim arises, the questions are almost endless.

  • When and how should we notify the insurance company?
  • Which insurance company or companies should we notify?
  • What are we required to tell the insurance company?
  • Is the insurer required to protect the information we provide?
  • What happens if a claimant gets the information we send to the insurer?
  • What is a Non-waiver Agreement? Should we sign it?
  • What tactics will the insurer use to delay, deny or minimize coverage?

Mr. Andrist has helped thousands of clients recognize, prepare and submit insurance claims over the past 27 years. He can answer the endless questions, help your business, professional firm, or group avoid the pitfalls and get it right the first time.


Claim Advocacy

Insurance claims are minefields. A single mistake or oversight can trigger a wrongful claim denial or an unwarranted delay or reduction in benefits. The results can be disastrous whether the claim is for loss or damage to your own property, or for liability due to an alleged injury to the person or property of another.  Policyholders need an advocate to locate the insurance landmines and plot a safe course around them.

Mr. Andrist has been helping clients navigate the dangerous waters of insurance claims for more than 27 years, getting them safely through the minefields and increasing the recoveries to which they were entitled. He can do the same for your business, professional practice, or group.

Contact Mr. Andrist to learn how he can help your business, professional practice or group during the claim.


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