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Mission Statement

Improving Risk Outcomes

The risk of injury, loss or liability cannot be eliminated, but your risk outcomes can be dramatically improved if your risks are properly managed. Mr. Andrist’s Mission is to improve your risk outcomes.

Before the Claim, Mr. Andrist can help you ...

  • find insurance landmines;
  • identify and assess insurable risks;
  • obtain favorable contract language;
  • evaluate and retain qualified insurance brokers;
  • interpret and compare alternative insurance policies; and
  • select and purchase more effective insurance policies.

During the Claim, Mr. Andrist can help you ...

  • identify and investigate claims;
  • develop a plan for each claim;
  • prepare claims for submission to insurers; and
  • monitor, expedite, and evaluate the insurer’s response to claims.

After the Claim, Mr. Andrist can help you ...

  • evaluate insurers’ responses to claims;
  • negotiate with insurers to resolve coverage or payment disputes;
  • identify and evaluate insurer misconduct;
  • respond effectively to insurer misconduct;
  • pursue litigation against insurers to recover benefits due; and
  • hold insurers accountable for bad faith misconduct.


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